Sunday, May 15, 2011


My first In My Mailbox meme hosted by The Story Siren is where you get to showcase the books you've received that week.



For Review

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher
Signed Copy of Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting
Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller
Evernight by Claudia Gray
Stargazer by Claudia Gray
Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
Bite Me, Try Me, & Fang Me by Parker Blue
Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson

What did you get this week?


  1. Hurrah for DIVERGENT! DELIRIUM is also good, and just by looking at the cover I added THE WATER WARS to my list - dystopian and mentions of the environment? Yes, please.

    What a great haul you have!

  2. I just finished reading Delirium and I'm currently on the last chapter of Divergent! You are going to LOVE Divergent! It's amazing! I'm already on edge for the sequel! I find Water Wars intriguing as a dystopian too having studied water resources and the threat facing water allocation in the future for my minor in geography last year. Nice IMM and happy reading! :)

  3. Such a nice mailbox! I really liked Delirium, Desires of the Dead, and Living Dead in Dallas. Evernight and Stargazer are on my TBR stack and have been for quite a while. I hope you enjoy all your new books. My mailboxes are at Inside of a Dog and Ms. Martin Teaches Media. Happy reading!

  4. Wow, great haul. I'm kinda jealous of some of the books you got this week.

    I had a look at your blog and love it, so I'm adding it to my RSS feed! Just letting you know. :)

  5. I just got Divergent too. So excited to start it.

    My IMM

  6. I was just like you. On the fence about reading Fire because of how amazing Graceling was. But I'm so glad that I read it because it was amazing.

    And Holy cown that's a ton of books. Delirium and The Water Wars have been on my TBR list for a long time. Hope you enjoy them!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. @kaye - So excited for The Water Wars, can't wait to read it! So glad you added it to your tbr list!

    @Natalie - Wow, that's pretty amazing that you studied that in geography! I don't think a lot of people realize how interesting a subject it is! I'm already about a quarter of the way through Divergent and I LOVE it so far. I can't wait to get to the end!

    @Kathy Martin - I'm enjoying the few that I've started! I'm love with Divergent and Evernight so far!You should definitely start Evernight!

    @nlmars - Thanks so much for adding me to your feed! ;)

    @Jessica - You'll love it!

    @WildIrishRose33 - You should definitely start Delirium! I just finished it the other day and wow, sad, but wow. And thanks, that means not a lot of book buying for a little while now ;)

  8. Wow, you got so many amazing books! I'm especially jealous of Divergent (still waiting for my copy to arrive), Delirium and The Eternal Ones. I hope you'll enjoy all of your new books! :)


  9. You got SO many good books this week! Divergent, Delirium, Desires of the Dead! WOW! Hope you enjoy then all!

  10. Great IMM! I totally broke down this week and got divergent as well! Even though i finished one book last night at around 11:30 I totally started Divergent and stayed up until 1AM. SOOO good so far!

  11. @Carina - I hope I do too! You'll love Divergent!

    @Katie - Thanks so much! I'm sure I will;)

  12. Really great IMM! I LOVE Jennifer Echols and Divergent was a fantastic read! =)

    In My Mailbox

  13. Great IMM. I loved Delirium and the Sookie series :) I just got Divergent too :)

  14. WOW !! Awesome mailbox =) !!
    I've only read Delirium and the Evernight series in all the books you got and they are awesome. I hope you'll enjoy reading all these books .. Looking forward to read your reviews.

    I'm your latest follower by the way .. Thanks for stopping by my blog !

  15. Ooh awesome haul! I've yet to read Divergent and Delirium, they're still on my shelf, soon to be read!
    And I'm following you back from FF :D

  16. Hope you like Desires of the Dead! I really enjoyed it!

    Here's my IMM

    Happy Reading!

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

  17. Great books this week. I loved Going Too Far - so good. I have Divergent on my tbr pile.
    I have the same books from netgalley - they look good.
    Happy reading.

  18. Your mailbox is a YA lovers' dream! I REALLY really want Divergent, and I loved Delirium! You have a lot of great reading ahead of you! Enjoy!

  19. I love the cover of Delirium. Very cool... and creepy!

  20. Wow! You had a great week. So many books I am dying to read.

  21. I enjoyed Delirium, I hope you do too :) I've been meaning to read Water Wars xD Happy reading!

  22. I have Divergant, Delirium, and Going Too Far in my TBR pile! Thanks for checking out my site and leaving comments. xx

  23. Great haul! You have lots of awesome book. I got Divergent too. Enjoy reading all of them! :)

    - Chel
    The Procrastinator's Corner

  24. Ah! I'm crazy jealous of your IMM! Delirium & Going Too Far are fantastic. I'm DYING for Divergant (I keep not buying it because I'm "waiting" ugh.)

    You are in for a treat lucky lady :)

  25. New follower! Returning the visit =)

    Ooooh what a great Haul you have! I want to read Divergent, Water Wars and Delirium. Something tells me you like dystopians if you're buying so many hardcovers.

  26. Thanks for visiting me at Hands and Home! What an amazing haul of books this week! How are you ever going to decide what to read next?

  27. Yay for Delirium! I love the Sookie series. I've been meaning to pick up The Eternal Ones. Let me know if you ever do decide to get a Nook and I can share Across the Universe w/you! Happy Reading :)

  28. I'm hopefully picking up Divergent later this week, and Demonglass is supposed to be arriving on Wednesday!

  29. @Bailey - I haven't read anything by Jennifer Echols yet so I'm really excited!

    @Julie - Thanks so much! I haven't bought a lot of books in awhile so I kinda went crazy!

    @Kate - I know! I completely agree!

    @Trish - Don't wait too long! It's a brilliant book and I'm only half way through right now. I'm hooked!

    @Julia - You figured me out! I am a total dystopian junkie! And if I can get a book in hardcover, I will... but I got these mostly because they're not out in paperback yet. (At least a few of them);)

    @Bonnie - Luckily I don't have to decide lol. I have severe ADD so I'm constantly reading at least 3 books at once, sometimes 5 or 6, just so I can get through them all! But I'm loving these so far!

    @Devan - That is so nice of you! I will definitely let you know if I get a Nook, they're looking more appealing than my kindle everyday.

    @Krispy - So excited for Demonglass!


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